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Download and use the application that finds you, and then pays you, the parking space. No stress, no fines, it's better than you think.



Înregistrare sigură
Safe registration

Your data is protected by the newest payment technologies.

Parchezi corect
You park correctly

Starting from your location, you can easily find a place where parking is allowed.

Tarifare exactă
Accurate fee

You know what you’re paying for beforehand, all charges and fees are displayed.

Plăteşti din mers

Pay comfortably using your phone, on your way to your destination.

Primeşti notificări
You get notifications

You can be at ease! You get a notification before your parking time expires.

Prelungeşti de la distanţă
Extend it remotely

You can extend your parking term as many times as you want, wherever you are.

How it works

We help you find a parking place easily and pay the parking fee simply and comfortably.

Download the app

Install the app on your mobile phone and register your personal and/or company car’s registration number.

Identify the area

Confirm the area of the city or the parking lot where you are in order to pay the correct fee, applicable to the place where you parked.

Select the duration

Estimate your necessary parking time and select the minimum duration in the app. You have the possibility to extend it later.

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Pay for parking

Choose whether you want to pay using your company card, your personal card or by SMS. Any method is safe.

Extend the reservation

It doesn’t matter if you tarry, you will get a notification before the parking time expires and you can extend it remotely.

You can be at ease!

You get traffic alerts, notifications regarding parking time and invoices directly on your phone. Rest assured and go about your business.

Welcome to the UPPARK community!

Thank you for joining us, we are increasing in number more and more!

Multiple users, natural persons or companies, choose  folosească UPPARK – aplicația mobilă pentru parcări. În diverse localități ale țării, municipalitatea sau proprietari privați de parcări implementează UPPARK ca și soluție  pentru gestionarea parcărilorîncasarea taxelor și abonamentelor de parcare.

  • Bucharest
  • Edenland
  • Buzau
  • Brasov
  • Calarasi
  • Craiova
  • Targu Mures
  • Caransebes
  • Campina
  • Cluj-Napoca
  • Constanta
  • Gheorgheni
  • Reghin
  • Iasi
  • Mangalia
  • Alba Iulia
  • Zalau  … iar în curând și în orașul tău.



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Meet the UPPARK users

Residents, commuters, tourists, employees, business men, officials, carriers, freelancers, companies and institutions.

How we can help you

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the UPPARK mobile app and its usage.

What is UPPARK?

UPPARK is the mobile app intended for smartphones, which is used to find* a parking spot and to pay the parking fee or the parking subscription*.

How do I install UPPARK on my phone? How much does it cost?

UPPARK mobile app is designed for phones with Android and iOS (iPhone) operating systems and can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE from Google Play and AppStore. Google Play and AppStore.

How can I pay the parking fee from the UPPARK app?

The app offers you the possibility to pay your parking fee by bank card registered in the app, as well as via SMS message sent to the mobile network operator you contracted, but only in the cities and parking lots where it applies.

Why should I pay the parking fee from the UPPARK app and not directly from my phone via SMS, or on the street at the parking meter?

UPPARK mobile app represents the most modern and cheap payment solution for your parking fee. You can pay immediately after you parked, while walking to your destination. You receive notifications before the expiration of your parking session, you can extend the parking time as much as you want, remotely, from your phone. In addition, in the UPPARK app you have information about parking - street parking, parking lots, multistage parking, either municipal or private.

What benefits do I have if I use UPPARK? What recommends it?

By using the UPPARK app you benefit from a simple and efficient method to find the closest parking, as well as the possibility to quickly and easily pay for your parking time.
By sending an SMS generated by the app or by using your bank card, you avoid the time loss caused by classical payment methods, in situations when you don't have cash with you. At the same time, the app will notify you before your parking time expires, so you can avoid the unpleasant situation of receiving a sanction from the competent authority, if you accidentally exceed your parking time.

I downloaded the app, do I have to register in order to pay for the parking session?

Yes, in order to pay the parking fee using your bank card, you need to register. In the cities where payment of the parking fee is also available via SMS, you can make this payment without registering in the app, but you will miss its features, such as: favourite parking lots, payment history, company account etc.

My personal data, and payment card data is safe once entered into the app?

Yes, your data is completely safe once entered into the app. The processing of your personal data complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as with the international standards for card payments. The card number and data, the encrypted values (CVV, CVC) are not stored on the phone in the app, and the central servers on which such data resides are protected and certified according to international standards (PCI DSS).

How do I know that my payment for the parking session was registered?

If you opted for payment via SMS, you will receive a confirmation SMS with the car's location, registration number, cost and duration of parking. If you opted for payment by bank card, you will receive a notification from the app and a payment confirmation email will be sent to the address you registered with. Also, in the app, access Menu -> Active bookings and you will find information about your active parking session - your parking position on the map, parking name, payment profile which you used to pay the parking fee, your car's registration number, as well as the time left until the expiration of your parking session.

What is UPPARK for Companies? What is a Business account?

UPPARK mobile app allows companies and institutions to register their vehicle fleets into the app, in order to facilitate the payment of the parking fee. Reports and invoices are issued for each car, for the parking services paid by bank card and/or via SMS from the accounts of the company or of the beneficiary institution.

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